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Chief of Muslim World League calls Holocaust a ‘human tragedy’ that not be denied

  • Sat, 27 Jan 2018 08:07
Fri, 2018-01-26 23:27

LONDON: The head of the Saudi based Muslim World League shared his sympathy with the victims of the Holocaust, calling it an incident that “shook humanity to the core” that cannot be denied.
Secretary General Dr. Mohammad Alissa said that the “human tragedy” will not be forgotten by history and that “true Islam is against these crimes.”
Alissa explained in an email sent to Sara Bloomfield, director of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, on Monday that Islam classifics the crimes of the Holocaust “in the highest degree of penal sanctions and among the worst human atrocities.”
The letter to the museum director, which came ahead of International Holocaust Remembrance Day.
“The victims have sacrificed their innocent lives to pen a memorable reminder of freedom and determination, an example of the extent of Nazi hate which has sunk the world into wars and disasters,” said the Saudi cleric, who is also President of the International Organization of Muslim Scholars.
The Muslim World League considers any denial of the Holocaust a crime to “distort history” and an insult to the “innocent lives” that were killed, the statement said.
The Muslim World League is a non-government organization of Sunni scholars, based in Makkah.
Alissa claimed that as a result of the Holocaust “unjustified and unjust” wars broke out in the name of religions.
However, pointed out that Islam “coexisted with all religions and respected the dignity of its followers” for centuries.
“We are also aware that there are political slogans in all religions throughout history that exploit faith to achieve their goals and aspirations, however, religions are innocent of these schemes,” he said.

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