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France bans mobile phones in schools

  • Mon, 03 Sep 2018 18:08
Mon, 2018-09-03 (All day)

PARIS (AP) — French children who are going back to school Monday after summer vacation will have to do so without their mobile phones.
The government passed a law banning phone use in all primary and middle schools for the entire day, including during breaks —with exceptions in cases of emergency and for disabled children.
Pupils are requested to shut down their mobiles or put them in a locker.
High schools can also voluntarily implement the measure. Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer said it aims to help children focus on lessons, better socialize and reduce social media use. The ban is also designed to fight online bullying, and prevent thefts and violence in school.
The law allows teachers to confiscate phones until the end of the day in cases of non-compliance.

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France moves to toughen ban on religion in schoolsProtesters disrupt French schools over expulsions World


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