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Peace of Mind will give us the Greatest Wealth in this World.

  • Thu, 15 Nov 2018 12:44
Peace of Mind will give us the Greatest Wealth in this World  

Sometimes things in life does not go well as we expected. Then it will requires a lot of energy from our bodies because we are nervous and our mind are working on that constantly . We can't have more rest and sometimes no longer know what to do or what more will come to us. Because often problems flocking towards us and then we do not have the time to find a simple and direct one two three solution. As a result,  something also can go wrong in the relationship atmosphere and this will also caused mental health problems and further affect our rest in the night. Only need a small changes to come into our life and it can grow into an inner catastrophe that give us a deep pain. Therefore, when we found the peace of mind in our life, should continue to believe in it because those are the basics of our greatest wealth. Frustrations cause nerves and thus we can make mistakes. So the appreciation and respect given to us is gone and we will lost our personal contacts As a result, the road to loneliness will bring us no joy. And a rich social life can turn into an infinite reckless exist without our beloved friends.


I wish you a healthy life. Kindly Regards, Author Jan Jansen Read More Poetry.......  #poem #poetry #poems #story #stories #quote


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