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Romanian expatriates stage anti-govt protest in Bucharest

  • Sat, 11 Aug 2018 01:52
Sat, 2018-08-11 (All day)

BUCHAREST, Romania: Romanians who live abroad flocked to an anti-government protest in Bucharest on Friday, urging the left-wing government to resign and call an early election.
The expatriates, some of whom drove across Europe to attend the demonstration, are angry about how Romania is governed. Many of the estimated 3 million Romanians living abroad say they left because of corruption, low wages and lack of opportunities.
More than 1,000 protesters waved Romanian and European Union flags, booed and yelled “Justice, not corruption!” outside government offices in the capital.
Protesters briefly scuffled with riot police when they tried to break through a police line guarding the government offices. At least one man was detained.
The protests were to continue into Friday evening.
Since the Social Democrats won power in 2016, Romanians have regularly protested government moves to put in new laws that critics say weaken the nation’s fight against corruption.

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