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India’s ruling party seeks to energise workers after state losses
  • Fri, 14 Dec 2018 12:13

Author: ReutersID: 1544753174642441000Thu, 2018-12-13 14:22 NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ruling BJP will try to canvass and ...

Israel PM Netanyahu battles to save weakened ruling coalition
  • Sat, 17 Nov 2018 00:01

Author: AFPID: 1542367334369662100Fri, 2018-11-16 11:19 JERUSALEM: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was battling to keep his gover...

India’s top court to review ruling allowing women into Hindu temple
  • Tue, 13 Nov 2018 23:49

Author: ReutersID: 1542105859735214100Tue, 2018-11-13 10:38 NEW DELHI: India’s top court on Tuesday agreed to review its ruling two month...

Indian Supreme Court ruling clears way for determination of Babri mosque site dispute
  • Fri, 28 Sep 2018 07:49

Thu, 2018-09-27 22:08 NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court of India upheld a 25-year-old observation of the court declaring prayer in mosques not integral to...

Mauritanian ruling party boosts majority in municipal elections
  • Tue, 18 Sep 2018 07:55

Author: Mon, 2018-09-17 20:20 NOUAKCHOTT: Mauritania’s ruling Union for the Republic party scored a meagre victory in municipal elections in t...

Bhutan’s ruling party defeated in first round of polls
  • Mon, 17 Sep 2018 15:00

Author: AFPID: 1537126221690979700Sun, 2018-09-16 22:45 NEW DELHI: Bhutan’s prime minister conceded defeat Sunday, after the ruling party...

Controversy over unprecedented court ruling for dog killer in Lebanon
  • Sun, 12 Aug 2018 12:44

Author: Najia HoussariID: 1534027041065695500Sun, 2018-08-12 01:36 BEIRUT: In an unprecedented ruling in Lebanon, Mansour El Kahi, an inves...