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We Cannot Walk Ahead without a Shadow

  • Tue, 22 Jan 2019 13:00
We Cannot Walk Ahead without a Shadow.


Life is just as beautiful as we make it or believe in the meaning of life and the dark side of life doesn’t try to hide or do they?If life is an open book about us, things can easily go through the simple on it when others want to use it.But there will also be difficulties may arise if others want to abuse them for some of us, there is also a dark side that is private.Many will find that unauthorized and others to understand it, there simply are always mysteries in life that are not intended for everyone.This moment is for a person or persons perhaps invaluable or so private that it must remain a mystery.And what others don’t know is impossible to use against us or use it for their own interests and there to join their advantage.We will not be the first to discover something new or come to know and a third one take this for a better future or to make it more worst for the other party perspectives.It is always careful when we are fortunate to experience or to find out something that is very special and become better kept hidden from a public view.It will be a dark side of the personal figure but at the same time protecting our ego which is of course very important in life.Opportunism is not a bad habit as it is for self-protection and not to cover up harming others or criminal activities of the public.Carefully and thoughtfully dealing with new events or perceptions is very crucial and can’t always be razed to publicly for protect ourselves and our findings.Of course time teaches us to know all the secrets of life and almost everything comes out from what was once a mystery which it can turn into a miracle or disappointment.The time that we no longer believe or are afraid of our own shadow then there is a problem that no longer be able to distinguish riddles and miracles.But without shade, we will not be able to continue running into the future light.


I wish you a healthy life.Kindly Regards,author Jan Jansen


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