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Wear Your Pride (part 1) by Rob Woodcox

  • Thu, 12 Jul 2018 06:15

Wear Your Pride (part 1) by Rob Woodcox

Wear your pride on your sleeve, you never know who may be watching. Over the last month I've been overwhelmed with emotion over hate crimes against the queer community. In Portland, a beloved hair stylist and active member of many communities was stabbed and killed in a gay hate crime, he was followed from his work just 3 blocks from my home. In Russia hundreds of oppressed individuals who are "suspected" to be gay are being murdered by family members or thrown in concentration camps to be tortured and killed, supported by the government that's supposed to protect them. These are just a few current attacks on our community. Nothing can undo these atrocities. I believe those spirits deserve to live on through those of us who experience some levels of freedom. The only response I know is to be more proud of who I am, more vocal to those around me, and to create more beauty to combat the hatred. Only through personally bridging the gap between misunderstanding and acceptance can we hope to change minds of those who are blinded by hateful rhetoric that has been passed on through generations. In loving memory of Jakob Jay and the victims in Russia. Models: @btfred, @zread23 Hand painting by me.

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