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Yemeni army commander vows to enter Saada if Houthis fail to negotiate at Sweden peace talks

  • Sat, 08 Dec 2018 23:03
Sat, 2018-12-08 10:36

DUBAI: A Yemeni army commander has vowed to enter deeper into Saada province if the Iran-backed Houthi militia fail to negotiate in Sweden’s peace talks, Saudi state-news agency SPA reported.

In a statement broadcast on the Yemeni defense ministry’s official website, Brigadier Abdulkarim al-Sudai said: “If the Swedish talks do not lead to the surrender of state property and the withdrawal from all the provinces controlled by the Houthi militia, we will have no choice but to make a military decision.”

Brigadier General al-Sudai said that the brigade forces are ready to enter deep into Saada and free it from the militia.

Yemeni military sources said that the Houthis took advantage of the lull in retaliation and attempted to launch attacks on several fronts, especially in Maran, which the National Army managed to confront and thwart.

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Yemen military offensive ‘still open if Houthis reject Hodeidah pullout’Yemen’s warring parties meet for 3rd day of talks in Sweden Middle-East


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